The Public Service of the Walloon region, SPW (Service Public Wallonie) submitted a request for the development of a web-app allowing homeowners in the Walloon region (The French speaking part of Belgium) to asses the energetic efficiency of their houses without having to pay an inspector to provide the assessment.

The objective for SPW is to obtain an average A-level energy efficiency across Wallonia by 2050. Through the web-app home owners will receive recommendations in line with energy savings for their home. The recommendations are linked to subsidies provided by the french government in order to stimulate the energy savings across Wallonia.


Stockly is an online marketplace that offers travelers the option to stock their recreational vehicles (camper vans, mobile homes, etc.) in the area where they normally go on vacation. 

The solution links local farmers that have available storage space with the families that go on holidays. This Limits the need for physical movement of the recreational vehicles, and thus the carbon footprint of all travelers using this solution.

Carpooling for colleagues

Kowo is a mobile application that makes carpooling easy for corporate employees. We developed this solution in partnership with AXA, for whom we have set up destination insurance. The insurance aims to ensure arrival at destination for passengers at any time, by means of taxi and / or first class train ticket. The application works with an algorithm, which “matches” carpoolers based on their geo-location as well as their office hours (start and end) on the home-work trip.

Each matching made by the application, saves a trip for a single person in the car and reduces the carbon footprint for the company. Each matching also leads colleagues to share a trip which improves employee wellbeing.

Gaelens Bouwprojecten

Gaelens Bouwprojecten partnered up with Agifly as their one-stop digital shop for their real estate projects. 

We delivered the visual aspects, took care of the branding, and handled all the digital campaigns for them throughout the sales process.