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Agifly Real Estate Services takes  the promotion of your Real Estate to new heights

Real estate is  not an easy sector today, especially now that a recession is approaching, demand and price may fall. That is why, as a company in the real estate promotion, you naturally want to do everything possible to increase visibility and we can help with that. We offer you a total solution so you can take your company to new heights. Read on to find out how we do that.

The benefits of Agifly
Before you start using services, you want to know what the advantages are, which we have put together for you.

First of all, we offer you the latest technologies to increase the conversion of  visitors to your website. It is one thing to have a lot of visitors on your website, but of course you want them to turn into buyers, otherwise it is of little use. The conversion is the percentage of visitors that eventually becomes a buyer. With the latest technologies you can increase the conversion by up to 20%. Think of making interactive web apps to show the houses you sell. For example, you can do virtual tours and immediately change the color of the walls or the type of stone on the counter to see what the house can look like. But ultimately you decide how the new technology will help you.

Another advantage is that we offer a 1 stop shop solution in the field of digital marketing and media. When you work with us, we ensure that everything is thought of. Think for example of the social media campaign, landing pages and email marketing. We arrange everything you need for good digital marketing. We arrange both digital media and digital marketing. We create the media where you want to lead the visitors and also ensure that they see it.

We organize a go to market workshop with you so that we can start as soon as the promotion is legally approved. We will kick off the campaign and report all the stats to you on a weekly basis. This workshop can take place at our offices and is offered by Agifly Real Estate Services.

The bottom line is that you can come to us for everything in the field of digital marketing and media so that you do not have to engage 10 different companies. Of course we are also experts in all areas and we always deliver quality.

Our way of working
Before you start working with us, you may want to know how we work so that you know that it goes the way you want.

First, we visualize the real estate and the surrounding area with the utmost care. We bring your property to life so that potential buyers can best see what you have to offer. Of course you can always see real estate in real life, but if that is not possible then a good digital solution is the next best alternative. For example, think of a virtual tour through the real estate you offer, we can do that for you. 

After the visualization is complete, we use this to create an online branding of it. The identity you want to radiate must be properly reflected online. Our UX motion designers are specialized in real estate and will create social media and web design that best reflects your brand. Every piece of real estate is unique and deserves its own identity, we can give it that.

If there is a website that displays your real estate in a beautiful and realistic way, you want the right people to see this website. We help you activate potential buyers by setting up the best digital marketing in the form of social media and Google Adword campaigns. This ensures that the right people see your website and that the conversion is increased.

In short, do you own a real estate company and are you looking for the best possible partner for digital media and marketing? Then we can help you with that. You just have to submit your wishes and the rest is up to us. Of course we always have the plans approved before we start working on them. Be sure to contact us if you are interested.

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